BlackStarTech Mitigates Risk for Nuclear

Augment Your Existing Nuclear Flex Program for Improved PRA

BlackStarTech improves Nuclear Power Plant Emergency Preparedness

BlackStarTech’s family of innovative solutions augment the FLEX approach by providing rapidly deployable portable backup power, lighting, communications and monitoring solutions.


Genesis Emergency Power System

Our Nuclear Power Plant Backup Generators Provide Power Up to 30 Days

The Genesis Series Emergency Power Systems utilize a portable battery technology that is packaged to be deployed nearly anywhere in a nuclear facility in less than 30 minutes to provide a power supply that lasts up to 30 days. The Genesis products employ energy delivered from smart lithium iron phosphate batteries to initially power the targeted loads for 8 to 10 hours. When the integrated backup propane generator is connected, the equipment can be powered for up to 30 days using an onsite staged propane supply. Genesis solutions provide a myriad of DC and AC supply power sources (including 3-phase 480VAC and beyond) for critical indications, controls, and essential emergency system components.

BlackStarTech nuclear battery solutions include battery backup, standalone portable carts, MOV power packs and nuclear power plant backup generators for an uninterrupted power supply.

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QuantumCore UPS Battery Series

Scalable, Integrated Standby Power for Nuclear Power Plants

The QuantumCore UPS Battery Series provides customizable energy storage solutions that come in a variety of voltages. QuantumCore provides near-instantaneous protection from power interruptions and surges. This scalable power system provides a range of three-phase power to single phase standby stored energy solutions from 20 kW-hr to greater than 120 kW-hr for facility store power applications. Self-diagnostics reduce hands-on operator time, and a sophisticated battery management system that utilizes notification alarms through data communications.

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Lightworks Smart Lighting Solutions

Backup Lighting for Nuclear Power Plant Emergency Preparedness

Lightworks Smart Lighting Solutions have been deployed at several nuclear stations. They feature self-diagnostic predictive software and remote monitoring of the health and life of the battery via Wi-Fi or by optional LTE connectivity. The predictive software and excellent battery life allow you to remotely monitor your emergency lighting, dramatically reducing maintenance costs.

The problem with traditional lead acid batteries: weekly and monthly validation checks, many failures, and expensive repairs. The return on investment with Lightworks iSentient Smart Emergency Lighting is the equivalent of two full-time employees and at least $150K in material costs.

Lightworks BrightSites Series provides light towers for nuclear customers who need outage lighting that is rugged, highly reliable, and easy to use. Unlike offerings from most competitors that are expensive and difficult to maintain, the Lightworks devices leverage state-of-the-art Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries which are roughly 50% lighter, have more energy density, have approximately 3X longer life expectancy, and are more environmentally friendly than Lead Acid batteries. As a result, the BrightSites Series delivers versatile, powerful lighting with minimal maintenance requirements.

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FireSight™ - Robotic Fire Watch

Autonomous Fire Monitoring Solutions for Nuclear Facilities

Robotic Fire Watch Series IR-3 HD flame detector provides ultra-fast response and reliable detection of all types of hydrocarbon fires that could occur in a nuclear power plant. It addresses slow-growing fires and fast-eruption fires, operating in a vast array of weather and light conditions with the highest immunity to false alarms. Using high-definition video output and clear imaging, it can detect a fire event up to 200 feet. This product allows rescuers to know the exact situation before entering the hazardous area as it automatically records video footage of the fire events.

The BlackStarTech Robotic Fire Watch Series helps protect nuclear facilities from emergent fire damage that can result from hot work and fires. The device provides essential job-site monitoring, displacing personnel required by National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code and authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ’s) by meeting all requirements of FM Global datasheets 3270 (Hot Work Robot) and 10-3 (Hot Work Management—Interim Rev July 2021).