Lightworks BrightSites Series

BrightSites Leviathan Tower

The Lightworks BrightSites Leviathan Tower is designed to provide extended run time illumination on a convenient 4-wheel cart assembly to address the challenging requirements found in law enforcement, road construction, building construction, warehousing, special events, and industrial lighting applications. The Leviathan Portable Light Tower is available in either 2-headlamp or 4-headlamp configurations, providing 40K Lumens or 80K Lumens, respectively while serving as a temporary power station to supply various AC power levels for additional lights and power tools.

Set apart from competitors that employ ineffective batteries, provide reduced lighting capacity, or remain tethered to ancillary power sources, the Leviathan Tower can operate for 12 hours using state of the art Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries which are 50% lighter, feature more energy density, provide 3X longer life expectancy, and are more environmentally friendly than Lead Acid batteries. The Lightworks BrightSites Leviathan Towers utilize the BlackStarTech patented system of functionally as a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).  This means the Leviathan Tower can run on a standard 20 Amp 120V circuit to run lights and charge batteries, or seamlessly transfer to battery if AC power is lost without losing lighting and last for up to 12 hours.

Moreover, run time can be extended for days with the addition of a small propane powered Genesis Defender Series Generator.