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QuantumCore Integrated Standby Power System

Backup Power Solutions Protecting Your Facility from Blackouts and Surges

This scalable power system provides a range of three-phase power to single phase standby stored energy solutions from 20 kW-hr to greater than 120 kW-hr for facility store power applications. Start-up is quick with the LiFePO4 battery, and it almost runs itself with self-diagnostics, and a sophisticated battery management system that utilizes notification alarms through data communications.

When the power goes out, it’s important to get your systems back up and running as soon as possible. With the QuantumCore Series, you can keep your critical systems running without interruption. The battery system is designed to automatically turn on supply critical loads when there is a loss of normal power, allowing your team to have minimal disruption as the UPS starts providing power nearly instantaneously.

The QuantumCore Series is powered by safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. Unlike competitive offerings that use outdated, maintenance intensive lead acid batteries, QuantumCore UPS Battery Series utilizes state of the art Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. These batteries are 50% lighter, have more energy density, have a 3X longer life expectancy, and are significantly more compact. Achieve the same or greater battery capacity in a much smaller footprint with the QuantumCore Series while eliminating extensive maintenance costs from antiquated batteries in average UPS systems.


Keep the Power Running with QuantumCore UPS Battery Series

BlackStarTech’s extensive experience in providing rapidly deployable emergency power systems in various industries has enabled our team to design, manufacture, and replace facility UPS systems that incorporate:

  • State of the art LiFePO4 Batteries
  • Provide Long Lasting Life Expectancy — 15 years or more
  • Elimination of extensive maintenance and surveillance through automated preventative battery health and self-diagnostic testing – saving cost, time, and resources
  • Packaged in half the footprint with twice the capacity compared to typical lead-acid battery systems

BlackStarTech’s products can be delivered as part of resilient solutions that provide hardened emergency contingency systems for protection from a variety of natural disasters, terrorist attacks, EMP attacks, and BlackSky events that threaten the electricity grid. These capabilities go well beyond a normal UPS.

QuantumCore UPS Battery Series Features and Benefits

Uninterruptible Power SourceImmediately activates when the AC power goes down, providing emergency power
Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteriesSecure, dependable, and more environmentally friendly than Lead Acid Batteries
Battery Management SystemYou can easily monitor the health and life of the battery
Various Sizes: 5 kW-hr to greater than 120 kW-hrScalability and flexibility
Smaller footprint per kW-hrMore battery runtime with less space utilized
LongevityCan provide power up to 30+ days or more when integrated with one of the many BlackStarTech emergency power supply products

QuantumCore Integrated Standby Power System

Standard Models:

  • QuantumCore-UPS-20KW
  • QuantumCore-UPS-40KW
  • QuantumCore-UPS-80KW
  • QuantumCore-UPS-120KW