Your Private Cellular LTE Network Solution for Facility and Portable Emergency Deployments

Beacon Broadband Series

The Beacon Broadband Series Brings Savings, Reliability, and Security

Wireless communications and Internet access are an essential part of everyone’s life driving social wellbeing, economic prosperity, and essential lifesaving infrastructure. Failure of communication and broadband networks can be catastrophic, costly, and even deadly. While the most common cause of network failures are natural disasters and loss of power events, other interruptions can occur from equipment failures, accidents or deliberate cyber-attacks, which can bring down the network. A natural or manmade disaster can render networks inoperable for days, sometimes weeks.

Regardless of what causes essential communication and broadband network failures, BlackStarTech has a standalone, IoT, affordable private LTE solution called Beacon Broadband Series that can be integrated as either a permanent facility installation or as a separate standalone rapidly deployable emergency response solution.

Reliable Communication

BlackStarTech Beacon provides a variety of solutions for a modular integrated communication system that can be permanently installed to augment facility communication or be configured into a rapidly deployable response system. Beacon’s ODC and ERC technologies are more resilient and less costly than the Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). DAS is more costly, and multiple units are required; whereas you only need one Beacon, and our technology is far superior and cost effective. Beacon is more secure and provide better coverage. Beacon is simplistic yet modern, and more seamless to deploy than a standard DAS. Integrated facility installation solutions combining cellular with existing radio, WiFi, and sensor technologies form Beacon’s complete and distributed network.

Beacon Broadband Series EZ 4G/5G LTE Node

Model #Beacon-EZ-4G-001 or Model #Beacon-EZ-5G-001

The Beacon Broadband Series provides strategic broadband communication Long Term Evolution (LTE) network that can act as a primary or backup network for your facility, providing redundancy and infrastructure resiliency. Beacon On Demand Cellular (ODC) integrates with your existing facility’s wireless communications systems including WiFi, critical sensors, wired phone, 900 MHz radios and cameras. ODC works as an integrated expandable platform for all your facility broadband and communication requirements providing a distributed antenna architecture alternative standalone solution improving productivity, cost savings, security, and resiliency.

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Interconnectability and Communication

In addition to the Beacon On Demand Cellular (ODC) , Emergency Response Cellular (ERC) provides a compact rapidly deployable, portable battery powered cellular communication system utilized by first responders for emergency response to natural disasters. With resilient, private LTE 4G and 5G networks capability, Beacon ERC delivers encrypted communication access zones up to 10 miles including integration to worldwide connectivity options such as contingent dark fiber and/or VSAT. Both ODC and ERC are the only cellular based solutions that meet APCO25 requirements for emergency communication.

Beacon ODC and ERC integrate broadband Long Term Evolution (LTE) with your existing WiFi and sensor technologies to form a complete, distributed, network and leading-edge integrated communication system. In fact, Beacon Broadband Series is much more secure than regular WiFi because it incorporates several strands of encryption at multiple layers. Beacon operates completely independent of commercial cellular networks to support continued resilient facility communications while seamlessly interconnecting with any satellite based system for global connectivity.

Today interconnectability and communication are as essential as electricity, gas, and water. But like any utility, it can go down. These unexpected communication outages often happen in conjunction with power outages. Imagine your facility has no power, and then all communication paths suddenly go down at your facility, leaving you unable to monitor essential parameters, reach personnel or contract security and first responders. This can make your site vulnerable and susceptible to threats. With the Beacon Broadband Series, your facility has a hardened communication solution under your direct control with capability to improve cost, minimize risks, and provide a resilient communication broadband architecture. Beacon can be configured to utilize modular battery power for permanent deployments or for rapid response. The ERC battery power cellular network provides a private network response in less than 10 minutes; therefore, if your network does drop, you can still use your internal network with Beacon and communicate with personnel.

Eliminates Vulnerable Communication

Communication is critical to running your facility, yet telecommunication infrastructure is vulnerable and often rendered useless when disaster strikes. Beacon Broadband Series ODC and ERC solutions make certain your facility remains resilient with reliable communications or can be deployed to facilitate critical emergency response.

Beacon ODC and ERC are specifically designed to operate in the harshest environments including industrial settings, disaster and recovery areas, and extreme remote settings when nothing else is operational or available. With Beacon, First Responders can communicate with each other and those requiring assistance via their cell phones to access resources, keeping your business functional in addition to potentially saving lives.

Operates in Full Stand-Alone Configuration

The Beacon Broadband Series is a completely self-contained communication system that requires no external connections to provide cellular and VoIP phone services. It contains all the components in a cellular network, including SMS and emergency broadcast capabilities. Beacon is a fully self-sufficient solution that integrates with dark fiber and VSAT interconnectability.