An Uninterruptible Power Supply for Hospitals Means Protecting Critical Patients

Emergency Power Systems in Hospitals Protect Lives When Disaster Hits

Emergencies such as natural disasters threaten the effective functioning of hospitals and other healthcare facilities. These facilities require support systems for essential facility operations and critical care, and a loss of power and communications impedes resiliency response and basic patient habitability, putting lives at risk.


QuantumCore UPS System

Comprehensive Uninterruptible Power Supply for Hospitals

Traditional backup generation (diesel/natural gas) is costly, unreliable, and environmentally unfriendly, requiring extensive maintenance and physical monitoring, while being susceptible to natural disasters. Our QuantumCore Uninterruptible Power Supply System (UPS) is a completely scalable, rack-mounted integrated UPS battery system that supports uninterruptible power solutions. QuantumCore replaces existing hospital generators to enable customized facility-wide coverage, while providing a fifteen-year lifespan, remote monitoring, and virtually no maintenance.

QuantumCore UPS and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) provide an emergency power system, enabling hospitals to supplement traditional power to cover immediate spikes and drops, as well as switchover coverage in the event of power outages. This supports critical life support, communications, and facility infrastructure equipment during natural disasters, keeping patients safe and comfortable. This is all done with a small physical and environmental footprint, saving on costs and resources through optimized maintenance, extended life cycles, and utility load shedding (using energy stored in the batteries during the day and recharging at night when power is cheaper).

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Genesis Emergency Power Carts and Power Packs

Portable, Rapidly Deployable Power Solutions for Healthcare Facility Sustainability

Emergency care facilities and operating rooms host a myriad of electrical systems, including critical life support equipment, that are at risk during power outages. Hospital emergency power systems are essential to keeping patients stable and facilities operational during sudden outages, including environmental disasters. Current hospital generators fail to deliver a reliable backup power solution to healthcare facilities on multiple fronts: limited on-board power backup available at a moment’s notice; greatly reduced projected run times when all systems require power; and short life spans due to maintenance-intensive lead-acid batteries and fault-ridden backup generation systems.

Our Genesis Power Carts and Power Packs are customizable with varying AC or DC power configurations, and capable of powering operating rooms. They can be deployed to patient rooms, NICUs, geriatric wings, and any other area that needs to quickly supplement power during outages and ensure the wellbeing of critical patients in hospitals. Providing an uninterruptible power supply, our portable and rapidly deployable power solutions enable efficient and flexible site emergency operations and accident response, and also have outage and maintenance applications.

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Lightworks Smart Lighting Solutions

Reliable, Scalable Emergency Lighting for Staff and Patient Safety

In the event of a power outage, hospitals can become detrimentally unsafe for both patients and staff. Our emergency lighting solutions can be installed or deployed to illuminate critical pathways and areas during outages for staff and patient safety.

Our iSentient Smart Emergency Lightpacks feature predictive diagnostics, enabling remote monitoring, IoT automation and scalability, resulting in significant facility maintenance cost savings. Our rolling BrightSites Tower Lighting systems include UPS batteries and inverters, capable of providing up to 80,000 lumens of modular light for 24 hours or more.

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Beacon Broadband Wireless

Comprehensive System for Critical Communications Resilience During Emergency

Essential facility communication and IoT/Broadband depends on both existing backup generation and the availability of third-party carriers. This makes critical communications severely unreliable and susceptible to inconsistent availability and security during disaster events, potentially impeding life-line communications, information, and automation.

Being able to access patient records and communicate with healthcare personnel across facilities during blackouts and ELAP emergency events is crucial to maintaining continuous operations. Our Beacon Broadband Wireless system is a comprehensive, self-contained private 4G/5G LTE communications system that can blanket an entire facility in a secure network to link all existing record and communication systems, ensuring HIPAA compliance and information protection. This also enables communication with the outside world, which is especially important during an emergency. Beacon Broadband Wireless provides a resilient private IoT broadband communication network integral to any essential facility and available during nearly any postulated natural or human-induced natural disaster.

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