Lightworks® iSentient Smart Emergency Lighting

Lightworks® iSentient Series Smart Emergency Lighting

Advanced Emergency Lighting Solutions

In any industry, unexpected power outages impact safety, impede recovery and increase risk scenarios for first responders and technicians. Dependable, resilient emergency lighting is essential to mitigating these unplanned power disruptions. BlackStarTech® Lightworks® iSentient Series Smart Emergency Lighting delivers essential emergency lighting that meets or exceeds emergency and regulatory facility lighting requirements. iSentient devices provide advanced LED lighting, state-of-the-art battery technology, self-diagnostic testing of battery health, and remote performance monitoring communications. With this suite of technology-enabled lights, you can remotely manage and maintain your smart emergency lighting across your facility, automate surveillances, minimize maintenance, and reduce lifecycle costs.

BlackStarTech utilizes Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) to power the iSentient Series. This advanced battery technology provides longer illumination durations of up to 24 hours in a two-headlamp configuration. The batteries are nearly 50% lighter, have twice the power density, and a much longer life than traditional lead acid batteries.

iSentient Series


The long-lasting battery coupled with the latest cyber-compliant technologies sets a new standard for deploying smart emergency lighting solutions across your critical infrastructure and facilities. The iSentient Series minimizes maintenance through an embedded 24/7 self-diagnostic monitoring and battery health routine while establishing a platform for advanced remote monitoring, automation, and facility surveillance.

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iSentient Shot Detector Series


Identify active shooter incidents in sensitive areas, such as college campuses and schools, corporate offices, industrial plants, hospitals, or research facilities with the iSentient Shot Detector Series. In addition to providing emergency lighting, the iSentient Shot Detector Series automatically detects gunshots and notifies internal and external personnel. If granted permission, any first responder can access the software and obtain live mapping of the shooting location and live video feeds of the incident. This device can enhance security with instant response, providing officials with live-time alerts, logged time stamps, and location mapping of the incident.

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iSentient Flame Detector Series


The iSentient Flame Detector Series adds another capability on top of the emergency lighting. This series includes a flame detector with a wide viewing angle that enables simple coverage of fire hazard areas across many fire hazard applications. The device detects wide range of hydrocarbon & non-hydrocarbon fires. Set-up and operation are simple. Wide area coverage and fast speed of response optimize safety.

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iSentient Smoke Detector Series


Building upon the iSentient Emergency Lighting platform, the iSentient Smoke Detector Series delivers 3-in-1 ionization smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide detection in a single installation. The iSentient Smoke Detector Series provides a smart way to protect businesses, factories, refineries, and other industrial sites.

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