Rapid Response System to Ensure Emergency Communications During Disaster

BlackStarTech Enhances Municipal Operations Safety

Municipal and state governments need rugged, highly reliable, and easy to use equipment to protect the essential services affecting the wellbeing of both people and property. BlackStarTech’s products work together to improve the safety and stability of these critical services.

BlackStarTech Enhances Municipal Operations Safety

Beacon Broadband Wireless

A Quick-Deploying Secure Network for Inaccessible Areas

Disasters can overwhelm law enforcement and emergency response capabilities by putting communication equipment at risk of network loss, especially when this critical equipment lacks backup systems that support interagency operability. This may render critical communication networks inoperable for days or even weeks.

Our Beacon Broadband Wireless Systems feature resilient configurations with battery backup and hardened solutions for essential facilities and critical infrastructure. This system can quickly blanket inaccessible areas with a secure 4G/5G communications network, linking into existing P25 two-way radio and trunked radio systems. This enables law enforcement and emergency responders to maintain crucial communications in case of network loss, enabling a more efficient and effective response.

The Broadband Beacon system can also improve resiliency and productivity of emergency call centers. With intense 24/7/365 uptime requirements, dispatch and emergency call centers need to be operable in any situation. Facilities face the risk of loss of operations due to communication failures, forcing services to be routed to other centers and reducing the operability of emergency personnel. Broadband Beacon Wireless can provide these centers with a secondary communication network that will seamlessly transition all calls onto a secure 4G/5G LTE network and link into existing systems, enabling operators to receive and respond to emergency calls effectively and securely.

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Genesis Emergency Power Systems

A Reliable Backup Power Supply for Critical Government Infrastructure and Facilities

A reliable backup power supply is critical for municipal operations, as disruption of electric grids and critical government infrastructure could impede essential public services, compromise public safety, and hinder efficient administrative functions. Our portable Genesis Emergency Power Systems utilize smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries to provide power for up to 30 days and can be easily deployed in less than 30 minutes, effectively creating a microgrid that provides a reliable power supply. Municipal facilities are able to maintain operability through the microgrid’s power supply, enabling government officials and municipal operators to respond promptly to emergencies, protecting lives and property in the event of disaster.

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QuantumCore Telecommunications UPS Series

Maintain Emergency Communications When Disaster Hits

During a national crisis or natural disaster, a robust emergency communications system can save lives. The QuantumCore Telecommunications UPS Series features a mountable battery that provides an uninterruptible power supply in case of an outage, keeping critical systems running without interruption. This is especially important for operations that support public health, local government services and national security. This battery system is small enough, in many cases, to be mounted on a utility pole and has no glitches or downtime, enabling government emergency telecommunications services to stay operable. With automated preventative battery heath, self-diagnostic testing, and a life expectancy of more than 15 years, the QuantumCore Telecommunications UPS Series eliminates extensive maintenance and saves cost, time and resources.

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Lightworks Smart Emergency Lighting

Smart Emergency Lighting for Municipal Safety

Power outages can have disastrous effects on public safety, with inadequate or absent lighting potentially contributing to a sudden increase in accidents and crime. The Lightworks iSentient Series deploys automatically during an Extended Loss of AC Power (ELAP) event, utilizing its long-lasting battery that meets or exceeds emergency and regulatory facility lighting requirements. Providing adequate lighting to government buildings in the event of an outage can help prevent crime while illuminating critical pathways for general safety and the continuation of crucial operations.

In addition to providing emergency lighting, the iSentient Series can be equipped with cameras, IoT sensors and more to notify internal and external personnel of potential concerns. The iSentient Series can improve safety in sensitive areas such as college campuses and schools, corporate offices, industrial plants, utility power generation facilities, nuclear stations, hospitals and research facilities. This enables enhanced security of critical infrastructure.

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