How BlackStarTech Supports Braidwood Generating Station with Reliable Emergency Power Systems

Braidwood Nuclear Generating station has utilized the Genesis Sentinel Series Power Packs (120VAC/125VDC) from BlackStarTech. This has enabled Braidwood to provide AC power to a diesel-driven fire pump battery charger during a bus outage and also provide back-up battery power for added redundancy and outage risk reduction.

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Quad Cities Generating Station Relies on BlackStarTech Emergency Power Solutions

The Quad Cities Generating Station utilizes the BlackStarTech advanced line of Genesis Series backup power supply solutions for numerous operating scenarios. As a result of this implementation, Quad Cities has improved nuclear station safety, reduced risk profiles, and enhanced risk-informed applications.

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Lessons From Fukushima: The Critical Importance of Emergency Power Systems

BlackStarTech addresses the shortcomings of the Fukushima incident with battery backup power generators and emergency power systems which are specifically designed to provide power within 30 minutes for up to 30 days to key critical main control room indicators, to support reactor vessel core cooling and augment reactor vessel pressure control.

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