BlackStarTech Product Line Suite Directly Lowers Risk Profile for Nuclear Stations

With the Development of BlackStarTech Brings Nuclear Reliable Emergency Backup Power Supply Systems and Industrial Portable Lighting Solutions

Constellation, the United States’ largest nuclear power plant operator, developed BlackStarTech as a response to Fukushima’s incident where a 15-metre tsunami disabled the power supply of the three reactors causing a catastrophic meltdown. In response to this disaster, Constellation implemented BlackStarTech’s emergency power systems and industrial portable lighting solutions across Constellation’s 21 nuclear power units. BlackStarTech emergency power systems help address asset preservation in response to an extended loss of AC power (ELAP) situation caused by Beyond Design Events.

The BlackStarTech Emergency Power System Solutions were designed to address three mission critical strategies:

  • Provide power to key critical main control room indications, controls, and critical system sub-components
  • Support reactor vessel core cooling
  • Augment reactor vessel pressure control

Proven Technical Benefits

BlackStarTech augments FLEX strategy and enhances nuclear safety by providing rapidly deployable targeted emergency power systems to respond to a series of Nuclear Design and Beyond Design Basis Events. The solution revolutionizes the approach to extended loss of power events by protecting the nuclear plant asset by providing rapidly deployable battery backup power supply coping system for rapid recovery of main control room critical instrumentation and controls, emergency core cooling and pressure control to prevent a Fukushima type event. For some scenarios, BlackStarTech provides solutions faster than FLEX and the benefits are realized in Station PRA improvements. These enhanced operator flexibilities with extended loss of power scenarios provides assurance and potentially significant savings that could bolster the utility’s reputation and nuclear industry viability.

Due to the timeframe of BlackStarTech’s Emergency Power Systems deployment, it provides quantifiable improvements with station Risk Profiles. In addition to the “absolute” CDF/LERF reductions there are improvements in Significance Determination Process (SDP) vulnerability. This can reduce the significance of NRC findings. With BlackStarTech’s battery backup power supply system being easily deployable within 30 minutes, Quad Cities realized a nearly 15% reduction in CDF and LERF for both Full Power Internal Events and Fire PRAs.

BlackStarTech’s battery power technology has led to development of several product solutions and tooling innovations that enhance industrial and radiological safety and optimize productivity across a nuclear station. Some of which include:

  • Replacement Emergency Lighting Battery Packs (Appendix R and Industrial Safety Lighting)
  • MOV Battery Packs for testing and sequence optimization
  • AOV Battery Packs for testing and sequence optimization
  • Portable Power Supplies (containment sump, reactor level instrumentation, source range detectors)
  • Contingent Power Supplies (Confined spaces, freeze seal machines, diving dedicated power, Security, portable battery banks)
  • RP Containment Outage Dosimetry Battery Pack
  • Outage Temporary Lighting
  • Security BRE/ Security nano-grid tooling
  • ERO remote air sampling and communication power capability
  • Security Bus augmentation/replacement
  • Flex/B.5.b equipment optimization/replacement including battery optimizations


Emergency Backup Power Supply Systems

BlackStarTech has helped redefine future Flex Strategies while significantly improving PRA benefit for Station through the development and implementation of various emergency power systems. Enhancements can result in a reduction in the continuing costs for FLEX equipment replacement due to shelf life limitations as well as minimize ongoing preventive maintenance resource requirements. Similar enhancements can be realized with B.5b equipment and strategies that could save over $100,000 per Station with eliminating equipment requirements, preventive maintenance activities and training requirements.

Industrial Portable Lighting Solutions

Through the development of Lightworks portable emergency lighting devices and the advanced battery systems, provide reliable lighting solutions for various applications. From providing lighting for maintenance technicians on critical equipment during refueling outages and bus outages, to illuminating egress pathways.

The portable battery power lighting carts utilize 110AC as primary power feed which uses less than 4 amps to provide over 30,000 lumens per unit. If the primary power feed is lost, the outage light car function for 10 to 14 hours without recharging, which eliminates safety issues or work stoppage issues often experienced during outages with a circuit breaker trip. The carts provide general area lighting with telescoping poles and have portable battery packs with lights for illuminating the specific component work areas in which technicians are working for improved visibility and safety. This reduces the pre-outage requirement to have electricians run temporary lighting and placing temporary lighting motor control centers in the plant. This one small application can save approximately 5% to 10% of temporary lighting budget per outage which can average around $400,000 per outage.

Outage and Security Applications

BlackStarTech technology and innovation provides direct productivity and cost savings opportunities with applications for Outages, Security, and ERO/FLEX/B.5.b. Some immediate examples are listed below with further customization available.

Outage Applications:

  • Outage industrial portable lighting devices ranging from hand-held devices that mounted to LED light towers that can operate as a “Nuclear Light Island” Battery Light and TPU
  • Freeze Machine battery backup power
  • Radiation Protection electronic dosimetry battery power packs eliminating remote dosimetry changout
  • Backup Power supplies for Critical Radiation Protection monitoring equipment, Small Article Monitors, and Individual Contaminated Monitoring
  • Outage Containment Sump portable power cart backup power supplier
  • Nuclear Instrumentation alternate battery power packs
  • MOV portable battery powered power pack
  • AOV portable battery powered air test units
  • Component logic, relay, and breaker testing power carts
  • Portable 480V bus power supplies (Uninteruptable Power Supplies)
  • 125V/250V Battery Backup Power Supplies


BlackStarTech provides reliable security through emergency power systems and portable lighting with enhanced security options available.

  • Battery BRE Backup Power Supply eliminating portable generators
  • Security System Backup Power Carts for Security Gates, Critical Doors, and Instrumentation
  • Security Portable Battery Lighting Systems with integrated propane generators
  • Security Electric Bus Augmentation
  • Force on Force Backup Power Solutions


  • ERO nano-grid tooling and communication power capability
  • RP Air Sampling Battery Packs eliminating generator requirements
  • ERO Backup Communication
  • ERO Backup Power for Ventilation
  • 5.b battery backup power supplies
  • FLEX Augmentation
  • FLEX Strategy Optimization

The Future of BlackStarTech

While BlackStarTech was developed to protect and reduce risks for Nuclear Power Plants, the emergency power systems and portable lighting solutions can be used to support other critical industries. BlackStarTech is here to serve and address the needs for reliable backup power supplies and portable lighting. Contact a BlackStarTech representative to see how we can better meet your facility’s needs.