Lightworks BrightSites Series

BrightSites Leviathan Tower Extreme

If you need to solve a massive illumination problem, look no further than the towable BrightSites Leviathan Tower Extreme, which provides towable, extra-long run time illumination to address the challenging requirements found in law enforcement, road construction, building construction, warehousing, special events, utilities, and industrial areas.

The Leviathan Portable Light Tower Extreme enables mobile lighting for 15+ hours and is easy to operate and maintain. The run time can be lengthened for days with the addition of a small propane-powered generator system. This eliminates environmental concerns found with competitive solutions such as the spilling, leaking, and emissions associated with diesel fuel.  The Lightworks BrightSites Leviathan Tower Extreme incorporates the BlackStarTech patented system of functionally as a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).  This means the Leviathan Tower can run on a standard 20 Amp 120V circuit to run lights and charge batteries, or seamlessly transfer to battery if AC power is lost without losing lighting and last for up to 15-30 hours depending on battery packaging. The system can be used with line power or generator power.

The Leviathan Tower Extreme can be purchased as a new assembly or it can be incorporated as retrofit solution of existing tower lighting.